RCRA, Waste Management Policy

It is the intent of the Company to manage waste materials in an environmentally appropriate manner. It is imperative that the management program be protective of human health and the environment.

The policy within the Company is to minimize the generation of waste materials resulting from all operations. In order of preference, waste elimination or reduction is sought through process change, materials substitution, reuse, recovery, sale, or energy recovery. For residual wastes that are not amenable to this hierarchy, the goal in disposal is use of the most cost-effective method that is consistent with State and Federal regulations and is adequately protective of human health and the environment. Both long term effects and current requirements must be considered when making selections among applicable disposal methods, and evaluations of cost, effectiveness, and protection.

The Company accepts the waste management hierarchy adopted by regulatory agencies at the federal and state level:

  1. Source reduction
  2. Waste minimization
  3. Treatment
  4. Disposal and Release

The policy and practices within the Company provide an assurance to those employees who are required to sign hazardous waste manifests, that there is a policy and program in place that addresses the certification statements on the hazardous waste manifest.